Healthcare Supply Safety Net Set To Launch In November.

Health Products Xchange To Launch The First Secure, Cloud-Based Marketplace
COVID-19 exposed a highly vulnerable medical supply chain de-stabilized by the complete lack of
visibility and access to available supply. To address these systemic issues, Health Products
Xchange (HPX) announces the launch of enables a digital
marketplace, allowing hospitals, distributors, manufacturers, and brokers to share real-time visibility
and access to critical medical supplies. Through the platform, a national network of trading partners
share medical product supply and demand data to easily trade (buy, sell, share, and donate) through
a secure platform designed exclusively for healthcare's unique safety requirements. is a gamechanger for the healthcare supply chain. For providers simply looking to
mitigate supply chain risk participating in the HPX safety net is an obvious strategy. However, many
providers point to normalizing inventory as a vital need. HPX CEO, E.V. Clarke, commented, “The
crisis shifted the industry from just in time to just in case inventory tying up millions in working
capital, that with no credible outlet, will create massive write-offs of salable inventory, never getting
to those with critical demand. Through, trading partners can easily and efficiently
trade surplus. Whether the product is sold to recover investment or donated, every product
consumed is another patient treated and a financial loss that didn’t occur”. succeeds by making safety and reliability the core values. The rigorous seller
accreditation process mandates supply sources meet stringent business requirements. Products are
validated against the FDA Medical Device database for accurate representation, registration, and
recall status before being traded. HPX’s Buyer Assurance program protects buyers by holding
payment until the product is received by the buyer as represented. Through HPX’s dedicated
relationship with FedEx, participants access low-cost shipping through a highly reliable supply chain.
About Health Products Xchange: HPX was founded by healthcare supply chain experts and
technologists with over 100 combined years of experience concerned by the stability of the Health
Care Supply Chain. HPX spent nearly two years prior to the current pandamic working with
Healthcare Providers, Distributors, Liquidators and Manfacturers to build The
organization is dedicated to ensuring no patient goes untreated due to lack of access or visibility to
available supply.  To learn more visit