Connecting Healthcare

Improving Supply Access, Lowering Cost, More Patients Treated

During Product Shortages, Healthcare Providers

Never had a SAFETY NET...UNTIL NOW! Protects Quality Healthcare
with our unique marketplace

Health Products Xchange connects manufacturers, distributors, and the specturm of care providers through our unique marketplace. We match stakeholders with the critical supplies they need – from sources down the street to across the country – to ensure that no patient goes untreated. is an innovative marketplace that serves as the Healthcare Supply Safety Net – improving product access, better quality care and enhanced working capital utilization through unprecedented Visibility, Access and Trust.

HPX gives Buyers and Sellers an ability to:

  • Post Inventory for Sale
  • Create Watchlists to quickly match supply & demand across a national network


HPX Visibility

HPX Visibility — gives an unprecedented view of product availability in the marketplace with the simple efficiency of working with one company.

HPX transcends single-source limitations by creating access to 1,000s of products – at pricing based on true supply & demand dynamics – with a few clicks of the mouse. We facilitate everything from order creation to product receipt.


HPX Access

HPX Access — the ability to do commerce in a simple, secure way - from origin to destination.

The HPX Platform Instills Buyer & Seller Confidence with:

  • The most rigorous supplier accreditation program
  • 100% Product Validation
  • Product Authentication using “nth degree” Chain of Custody process
  • 100% Buyer Assurance


HPX Trust

HPX Trust — a secure 4-point process driven by our critical value for safety, ensuring high-quality, reliable service.

Maximizing Consumption, Serving the Underserved

Over $25 billion in medical products are purchased but not consumed. Over 75% of hospitals report canceling or delaying surgeries because of lack of accessible product. HPXConnect was designed to match REAL supply with REAL demand by maximizing sources and minimizing risk.

HPXConnect reduces losses, increases sustainability and HELPS SAVE LIVES

year 2018

In 2018 (BEFORE the COVID-19 Pandemic):

  • • 2,100+ hospitals lost $25.7 billion in products purchased but not consumed
  • • 397 million units of medical products were recalled
  • - 69% of hospitals reported surgery cancellations due to product shortages.
  • - Healthcare providers lost $15,000 - $200,000 for each canceled surgery
year 2018

During this COVID-19 crisis, 2 out of 3 supply chain managers are seeking new or alternative suppliers to re-establish their supply chains. More supply chain professionals are moving towards development of a diversified sourcing strategy.

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