HPXConnect.com is a web-based marketplace –
the only Xchange of its kind that serves as

the Healthcare Supply Safety Net.

The HPX marketplace connects the full spectrum of manufacturers, distributors, factory direct, liquidators, IDNs and non-hospital healthcare providers, and charity care groups on one secure platform. The Xchange offers unprecedented product visibility and access through a trusted source.

The HPXConnect.com platform instills
Buyer & Seller confidence with:


The Most Rigorous Supplier Accreditation Program

HPXConnect.com screens potential vendors for proper business licenses, insurance, business history, quality of systems and key performance metrics. Most e-commerce sites rely exclusively on buyer feedback. HPXConnect.com proactively monitors supplier activity even after approval to ensure a fair and legitimate marketplace.


100% Product Validation Utilizing Government Databases & Standards

In an industry that’s crippled by conflicting product identifications from one organization to the next, HPXConnect.com uses FDA-approved descriptions & classifications to ensure the most accurate representation of all products. Setting a new industry standard with their master products dictionary, HPXConnect.com brings the greatest efficiencies for validating supply.


Product Authentication using “nth degree” Chain of Custody process

Sellers must be subject to audits to verify chain of custody and compliance for products to be authenticated. Verifying chain of custody back to the authorized source ensures a safe supply chain, increasing buyer and seller confidence, which enhances demand for products.


100% Buyer Assurance

We facilitate the transaction from origin to final destination. Sellers don’t get paid until the product is received to the customer's satisfaction.


Simplified Logistics

HPXConnect.com combines over 90 years of medical supply chain experience to simplify shipping – end to end – on any size order, lowering cost and guaranteeing quality customer service every step of the way. We utilize our strong relationship with FedEx to provide excellent service at highly competitive rates.

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